Making the Most
of Bike Share

Welcome to riding in the city!

You signed up to be a member Citi Bike, congratulations - you're now a member of the biggest bike share program in the country!

We want to help you get started! Here are some questions you've been asking, about tips for the best city gear for the road.

Hope it helps! ...



Helmets are not required but are encouraged, which is why annual Citi Bike members receive a coupon from Citi Bike for $10 off a new helmet. 

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FAQ: Yes, the $10 Citi Bike helmet coupons are valid at all of our store locations - Chelsea, SoHo, Prospect Heights, and Park Slope!



Weatherproof and "High Vis" apparel:

Packable and reflective jackets help you be seen at night, and stay dry no matter the weather.

Shop jackets and reflective apparel


Lights and reflectivity:

If you want additional light to increase your street visibility, we recommends lights that clip to your helmet or apparel. 

> Browse the Light and Motion helmet-mount, USB-charged lights

> Browse other lights that clip to apparel and bags

> Browse reflective stickers for apparel and bags



Now that you're a member, you have things to carry! Find the right small bag for carrying your things on the bike, or carrying your helmet once you've arrived.

> Browse classic style bags such as Po Campo and Brooks 

> Browse urban cycling bags such as Mission Workshop and Chrome



...and of course, you need your morning coffee! Stanley mugs fit in your bike cage (if you're bringing your own bike), or offer a tight seal to throw in your bag for the commute.

> Browse thermoses


Map + bike apps:

Looking for a new bike route? We recommend Ride the City, a great app for navigating around NYC. They also offer a mobile website. Map My Ride tracks you as you ride.

> Find local bike routes with

> Trace your routes with MapMyRide or Strava