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Corporate Programs

We help New Yorkers get on bikes. For businesses, buildings and schools, our bike programming has a two-fold offering: cycling education for your community, and bicycling supplies for the riders you support. 


  • Building equipment: Equip your buildings with bike racks, storage, and even measure their results with a custom computerized commute program. In cooperation with CycleOps/Saris.Saris rack Saris rack 

  • Bike purchase programs: Get your group bike-ready and bike-savvy with group purchases and maintenance. We can help you brand your fleet, your inventory or your accessories. And set you out with the confidence you've got the right helmet, pumps, tires and cycling gear for the occasion. 

  • Commuter program: Encouraging your staff or students to commute with The Hub, a hardware and software package by our partner, Saris, that makes it simple, educational and effective to implement an incentive program in schools and businesses.


Work with businesses, organizations and community groups to prepare groups of people for cycling. Ideal for groups of 15 or more, organizations contact us to coordinate:

  • Bike clinics: Group classes for those that want to be prepared for general bike maintenance, such as quick on-the-go repairs for a work commute, or bike maintenance tips, such as how to be prepared for a group or sponsored ride. 

  • Cycling events: An in-store cycling event caters to the commuters and enthusiast cyclists alike, featuring hands-on learning and training, include best practice presentations, Q&A with our technicians, exclusive demos and rides, and team basic bike fits.

  • Presentations: We offer short clinics and info sessions at your workplace, such as career fairs and "bike to work" weeks, to support your programming for a more bike-friendly environment. 


For more information

For more information about the Community Outreach Program, contact us at (212) 431-3315 or click here to request more information.