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So many trails, so little time. We carry bikes that are ready to conquer the rides and routes of your dreams.

If this gets your heart pumping...
Here's the bike to try:

Casual trail and sport

Be ready to hit the trails at any time - you never know when the hills will call.

These bikes are durable and versatile - they can take the dirt (or the city streets!) And they're not afraid of a few bumps on the way.

Check out: Front suspension

Urban enforcement

When your trails involve curbs and potholes, it's up to you to tame them.

You want tough wheels and a durable frame, but less weight than a traditional MTB.

Consider: 29ers and hardtail

Mountain handling

If you love the dirt and grit of an aggressive trail ride, from roots and rocks to varied terrain, these mountain bikes are built for strength and endurance.

They can take a climb, downhill drops - and your best foot forward, over and over again.

Go for: Full suspension

Don't tell your mom

If you love competitive downhill racing, big speed or big drops, suspension and a tough, responsive frame make the difference - and make the ride more fun.

Look into: Downhill/freeride




Ready for more?

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  • Where can I ride? If you're looking for great routes and trails, we want to help you get connected. Check out our NYC Resource Guide for local groups and organizations - plus, check out the Event Calendar for all kinds of upcoming rides and happenings.



Shop: Mountain Bikes