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One of the best ways to experience the city will always be by bicycle. And city bikes come in many forms: hybrid, commuter, fixed. There are plenty of ways to get from A to B. How you do so - is up to you!

If this is your goal...
These are your bikes ...

Free your workout.

For fresh air and fresh exercise, hybrid and fitness bikes blend the zip of a road bike with the upright handling of mountain bike. Versatile, comfortable, and light, with plenty of options for racks, baskets and other accessories, your bike becomes perfectly fun - and perfectly you.

Consider: FX, Sirrus, Vita, Roulux

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Free your commute.

If you need to empower your errands and unleash your commute, city bikes are ready to carry your load - yet not feel like a burden. These models are quick, lightweight and incredibly fun.

Consider: Live, Haul, Allant, Sirrus

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Free your inner-urban explorer.

If you want to simplify your wheels but still keep that sport experience, these bikes are fast and streamlined. No gears, no extra weight, no hassle. Fixed or freewheel, ride where you want - and don't fear that fifth floor walk up.

Consider: Langster, Soho S, Roll

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Show some style.

As good-looking as your grandpa's old bike, but lighter and with better parts, retro bikes are chic and practical. You can opt for fenders and frame flair, or clean, basket-toting fun. Classic colors and modern options.

Consider: Daily, Pashley, Linus, Gaston

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Embrace your chromosomes.

Boyfriend pants are fine for clothing - but not for bikes. Our staff of men and women will address your questions, from a frame that suits your proportions to features that suit your lifestyle. We want you to find a bike you love, and love riding it.

Consider: Vita, FX WSD, Mixte

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Have wheels - and muscle.

If you're looking for a ride that doesn't flinch at a challenge, 29ers are great for the urban terrain. They offer impeccable control, strong handling, and serious performance that never fears a curb, bump or measly pothole. (We think, in fact, that it smiles at the thought.)

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  • Tell me the difference - between a city bike and a mountain bike? Some hybrids are built for the trail. Mountain bicycles will be slower and heavier than a city bike, but if you're looking for serious climbing and downhill capabilities, check out our mountain bike collection.