About tour leader Rick Gallo:

Rick has been bike touring for 22 years. He leads tours for the Adventure Cycling Association, Bicycle Adventure Club, and other organizations. He has done four cross-country tours (including one that went diagonally from the State of Washington to Key West!). He has ridden the Pacific and Atlantic Coasts, Route 66, Natchez Trace, and loops in Alaska, Hawaii, Florida, Maine, Montana, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia, and Texas. He visited all 50 and ridden in 44 states.

It’s an understatement to say that Rick spends a lot of time out on the road. He loves meeting fellow riders and seeing new places on two wheels. His favorite tour? A tie between the Maine coast (with a group that included his future wife) and a 1,000-mile trip with his son, which was part of a Trans Am cross country tour.

While on tour he has been known to take side trips in search of good coffee, ice cream, milk shakes and pie. Any day he can help a fellow touring cyclist defeat their demons is a great day (which is why he always carries extra tools, food, and supplies wherever he goes).

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