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Bike Fitting Services

Bike Fittings are suspended for now.

Bike fitting services at Bicycle Habitat

Bike Fitting: Ride faster, longer, and with greater comfort - while also reducing your chance of injury or strain

What is Bike Fitting:
Your body has its own unique proportions and it fits your bike uniquely. The length of your torso, the positioning of your back, neck and knees, the way you bend when you ride.

We want you to enjoy your cycling experience - that's why our staff is Specialized BG FIT certified. Because whether riding for fitness or racing, riding a bike should be fun and comfortable.

While all new bike purchases at our store include complimentary bike sizing,  ensuring you the proper saddle height, ideal leg and knee extension positioning, and a comfortable handlebar reach, some cyclists may have bike fit needs beyond sizing.

For example, an athlete seeking higher performance and greater power transfer, a recreational rider experiencing pain or numbness while cycling, or a cyclist needing to address and adjust their bike position to relieve pre-existing injuries.

What is Body Geometry (BG) Fit? 

Specialized's BG Fit training program provides Fit Technicians with the training, expertise and equipment to improve comfort, efficiency and power output.

In collaboration with bike fit expert Dr. Andy Pruitt of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine and renowned framebuilder Ben Serotta of Serotta Bicycles, the BG Fit program goes beyond general fit services that incorporate general bike measurements to incorporate body geometry, individual anatomy and human movement principals into cycling expertise.

Upon completing the program, BG Fit technicians are qualified to ensure a precise fit for all types of riders based on measurements that incorporate athletic and cycling background, height, flexibility and even inseam to determine the best-fitting specific vertical and horizontal coordinates of the cycling experience.

Get the proper measurements for the proper fit!

A BG Fit includes:

A technician with BG Fit expertise in muscle and skeletal anatomy: cycling body motion, common cycling-related aches and pains, and the fit corrections necessary to address these issues.
Assessment of pedal stroke, potential installation of BG footbeds and varus/valgus wedges to properly align the foot/knee/hip for maximum efficiency and comfort.
Consideration of products and adjustments to unique your challenges in flexibility, comfort or power output.
The end result: You ride longer, faster, happier, and healthier so you gain the most from your cycling activities.
For more about what type of fitting might be right for you, call our store at (212) 431-3315 (Manhattan store) or (718) 788-2543 (Brooklyn store), or click here request more information.