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Charlie Speaks

Bicycles and life from the perspective of the owner of Bicycle Habitat.

Erectile Dysfunction and Bicycle Saddles - The Myth Exploded

A presentation at the NYU Medial Center Conference on Urology December 7, 1999 by Charles McCorkell owner Bicycle Habitat

Hal The Mechanic

The old fashioned, yet refreshingly new view on bicycle mechanics.

Heather's Perspective

Often mistaken for Charlie's daughter, she brought her own special view of life.

Bike Theft And Recovery

Where bike theft happens, stories of recovery from theft, what you can do to protect yourself.

Old News From Around The Nation

Some interesting pieces that show the diversity of cycling.


The few, the funny, the not so funny. Send me yours.

Book and Movie Reviews

Just what it says - Reviews of Books and Movies that have a cycling or a cycling related theme