Specialized Allez Sprint Disc Frameset

Specialized Allez Sprint Disc Frameset
  • Color: Gloss/Satin Flo Red/Brushed/Black
  • Color: Satin/Gloss Powder Coral/Sage Green/Cast Berry
  • Color: Gloss Deep Moss/Pink/Micro Pearl White
  • Color: Gloss White/Indigo
  • Color: Polished Chrome Black/Black/Crimson Metallic
  • Color: Gloss/Satin Black/Powder Coral/Powder Indigo
  • Color: Satin/Gloss White Mountains/Tarmac Black
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Climbs, corners, flat-out sprints—the Allez Sprint does it all. Being the most advanced alloy road bike we've ever made, and one that often out-performs the carbon fiber bikes of other brands, the Allez Sprint is capable as a crit-racing tool or an everyday road steed. But even better, it performs all of the above at a price that's affordable for any racer's budget.

This Allez Sprint Disc frameset comes equipped with a Tarmac SL6 FACT carbon fiber fork and a Venge Aero seatpost that's also made from FACT carbon.

- At the heart of the Allez Sprint is our D'Aluisio Smartweld Technology, which strategically places more welding material where it's needed, resulting in an aluminum bike that's more compliant and considerably stiffer. How stiff, exactly? It's the stiffest alloy bike we've ever tested, let alone made.
- To make sure that every single watt you produce gets transferred to the road, we gave it short chainstays that create an extremely stiff and rigid rear triangle. But it goes beyond just pure rigidity, as the hydroformed tube shapes have also been aerodynamically optimized to slice through the wind, while also providing tons of built-in compliance.
- Drawing inspiration from the Rider-First Engineered Tarmac, this frame also has a unique down tube, bottom bracket shell, and head tube, plus fork sizes that correspond to frame size. This ensures uniform performance across the entire size run.
- Our top-tier Tarmac Disc FACT carbon fiber fork provides incredible stiffness and front-end steering response, while also efficiently absorbing road chatter.


Frame Specialized E5 Premium Aluminum Disc frame w/ D'Aluisio Smartweld Sprint Technology, hydroformed aluminum tubing, tapered head tube, OSBB
Fork Tarmac SL6 fork, full carbon, flat-mount, 1-1/8" to 1-1/2" taper
Bottom Bracket OSBB, Praxis bearings
Seat Post Venge Aero

* Subject to change without notice.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Gloss/Satin Flo Red/Brushed/Black / 49cm 888818540853 70020-7549 ALL493420999
Gloss/Satin Flo Red/Brushed/Black / 52cm 888818540945 70020-7552 ALL496980512
Gloss/Satin Flo Red/Brushed/Black / 54cm 888818540457 70020-7554 ALL493903484
Gloss/Satin Flo Red/Brushed/Black / 56cm 888818540112 70020-7556 ALL498856796
Gloss/Satin Flo Red/Brushed/Black / 58cm 888818540051 70020-7558 ALL497793218
Gloss/Satin Flo Red/Brushed/Black / 61cm 888818539789 70020-7561 ALL49483191
Satin/Gloss Powder Coral/Sage Green/Cast Berry / 49cm 888818540334 70020-7449 ALL482683509
Satin/Gloss Powder Coral/Sage Green/Cast Berry / 52cm 888818539918 70020-7452 ALL486817782
Satin/Gloss Powder Coral/Sage Green/Cast Berry / 54cm 888818539802 70020-7454 ALL48495954
Satin/Gloss Powder Coral/Sage Green/Cast Berry / 56cm 888818540839 70020-7456 ALL486213726
Satin/Gloss Powder Coral/Sage Green/Cast Berry / 58cm 888818540006 70020-7458 ALL482489858
Satin/Gloss Powder Coral/Sage Green/Cast Berry / 61cm 888818540273 70020-7461 ALL488829001
Gloss Deep Moss/Pink/Micro Pearl White / 49cm 888818541034 70020-7749 ALL489144479
Gloss Deep Moss/Pink/Micro Pearl White / 52cm 888818541010 70020-7752 ALL486359882
Gloss Deep Moss/Pink/Micro Pearl White / 54cm 888818541027 70020-7754 ALL483232714
Gloss Deep Moss/Pink/Micro Pearl White / 56cm 888818541003 70020-7756 ALL482176716
Gloss Deep Moss/Pink/Micro Pearl White / 58cm 888818540983 70020-7758 ALL487074868
Gloss Deep Moss/Pink/Micro Pearl White / 61cm 888818540990 70020-7761 ALL483728361
Gloss White/Indigo / 49cm 888818540884 70020-7149 ALL39293069
Gloss White/Indigo / 52cm 888818540877 70020-7152 ALL395977022
Gloss White/Indigo / 54cm 888818540303 70020-7154 ALL398843354
Gloss White/Indigo / 56cm 888818540761 70020-7156 ALL396058556
Gloss White/Indigo / 58cm 888818540174 70020-7158 ALL39382388
Gloss White/Indigo / 61cm 888818540723 70020-7161 ALL399310951
Polished Chrome Black/Black/Crimson Metallic / 49cm 888818540211 70020-7349 ALL495231249
Polished Chrome Black/Black/Crimson Metallic / 52cm 888818540099 70020-7352 ALL499174682
Polished Chrome Black/Black/Crimson Metallic / 54cm 888818540181 70020-7354 ALL499787544
Polished Chrome Black/Black/Crimson Metallic / 56cm 888818539659 70020-7356 ALL494785216
Polished Chrome Black/Black/Crimson Metallic / 58cm 888818540518 70020-7358 ALL497439738
Polished Chrome Black/Black/Crimson Metallic / 61cm 888818540242 70020-7361 ALL497983961
Gloss/Satin Black/Powder Coral/Powder Indigo / 49cm 888818539963 70020-7249 ALL497733039
Gloss/Satin Black/Powder Coral/Powder Indigo / 52cm 888818540068 70020-7252 ALL494838202
Gloss/Satin Black/Powder Coral/Powder Indigo / 54cm 888818540815 70020-7254 ALL498336384
Gloss/Satin Black/Powder Coral/Powder Indigo / 56cm 888818540747 70020-7256 ALL493459276
Gloss/Satin Black/Powder Coral/Powder Indigo / 58cm 888818540235 70020-7258 ALL497643298
Gloss/Satin Black/Powder Coral/Powder Indigo / 61cm 888818540013 70020-7261 ALL492918411
Satin/Gloss White Mountains/Tarmac Black / 49cm 888818540426 70020-7649 ALL498278779
Satin/Gloss White Mountains/Tarmac Black / 52cm 888818539635 70020-7652 ALL496199962
Satin/Gloss White Mountains/Tarmac Black / 54cm 888818540914 70020-7654 ALL499451944
Satin/Gloss White Mountains/Tarmac Black / 56cm 888818539642 70020-7656 ALL499172496
Satin/Gloss White Mountains/Tarmac Black / 58cm 888818540075 70020-7658 ALL497082268
Satin/Gloss White Mountains/Tarmac Black / 61cm 888818540969 70020-7661 ALL494382411