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Your local full-service repair shop since 1978.

Whether you need a flat fixed or a full tune-up, we can help! Bring your bike in and we'll recommend what repair and maintenance we think needs to be done. Many services such as flat tires and accessory installations can be done while you wait. Have additional questions, or you find yourself in need of something that you can't find below? Give us a call or stop by.

Note: These prices reflect service only; parts are not included unless otherwise noted. Services and associated costs can vary from bike to bike. The pricing below is for informational purposes. We can not provide a fully accurate quote without a physical inspection, and all service is performed at our sole discretion.

Bicycle Habitat's Bicycle Repair Services

Tune-Up Packages

Basic $85 Adjustment of gears and brakes. Truing of wheels, lubrication of drivetrain. No installation or cleaning included.

Annual $185 Full disassembly, cleaning, re-assembly and adjustment of all moving parts. Labor to install most parts/ accessories included. Does not include bearing overhauls or hydraulic brake bleeds.

Overhaul $380 Annual tune, plus complete servicing of every part of the bike including hub and headset bearings, full-suspension frame components, brake bleeds. Cables and housing included.

Bike Assembly & Frame-Up Builds

Ordering a new bike? Shipping your trusty bike back home? We're happy to receive and assemble it for you! Please reach out to us before shipping.

Boxed Bike Builds 

Tier 1 $80 (Single-speed, Cruiser, Kids Bike)

Tier 2 $120 (Externally geared, minimal accessories)

Tier 3 $160 (Internally Routed Cables, Carbon, Triathlon)

Tier 4 $225 (Cargo, Electric, Trike, Hydraulic Disc)

Frame-Up Builds $225-300

Strip Bike Frame $100

Drivetrain Service

Derailleur Adjust $18/ea   

Gear Cable Install $20-35/ea

Shift Lever Install $50-60/ea

Bottom Bracket Adjust $15, Install $35, Overhaul $50

Cassette/Freewheel Install $15

Chain Install/Resize $12

Crank/Chainring Install $25-50

Derailleur or Hanger Install $35

Complete Drivetrain Clean $80


Brake Cable Replace $20- $35/ea

Rim Brake Adjust and/or Pad Install $18/ea

Disc Brake Adjust and/or 

Pad Install $20/ea

Rim Brake/Mechanical Disc Caliper Install $30
Hydraulic Disc Bleed $55/ea Hose Alteration/Install $75/ea
Disc Rotor or Rim Brake Surface Clean/Sand $35


Flat Fix, Tube or Tire Install Clincher $13/wheel *electric bikes, cargo bikes, internally geared hubs $35+/wheel

Front Wheel True $18 W/Spoke Replace $25+

Rear Wheel True $20 W/Spoke Replace $35+

Tubeless Setup (Sealant Included) $35/ea 

Tubeless Refresh/Repair/ Tire Change (w/Valves/Tape already installed) $22/ea

Wheel Build Tier 1 $100/ea, Tier 2 $150/ea

Tubular Tire Service $85+/ea


Bar Tape Install $25

Computer Install $15- $30

Fender Install $35-$50

Rack/Basket Install $15+

Seat/Post Install $10+

Pedal Install $10

Cleat Install $12 

Training Wheel Install $15


Cut Fork $50 w/Install $80
Set Star Nut/Expander $20
Tap/Face BB Shell $50
Face Disc Tabs $25/ea 
Resize Handlebars or Seatpost and reinstall $25

Headset, Hub

and Bearings

Headset Adjustment $12 Installation $35 Overhaul/Bearing Replacement $50

Front Hub Overhaul $30+

Rear Hub/Freehub Body Overhaul/Bearing Replacement $40-50


Box Bike $100-$140
Delivery $50