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Learn To Ride Classes

Riding Instructor Andree Sanders

Andree Sanders, known in NYC as the "bike whisperer", has helped hundreds of New Yorkers learn to ride and is a League Certified Instructor through the League of American Bicyclists. She is also the Executive Director of Trip for Kids Metro NY, working with urban youth through mountain biking.

Learn to Ride A Bike:

Currently, in these times of COVID-19,  all classes will be one on one private lessons with proper PPE.  All lessons are 1.5 hours and taught on the upper west side in Manhattan Contact 

Currently all classes will be PRIVATE one on one  LESSONS. Andree is fully vaccinated and will continue to wear a mask 

Group Classes will resume in the fall

Bike Basics Skills: 

This class is a follow-up class to Learn to Ride. Once the rider masters balance and can start riding, this class offers a place to hone those new skills - starting/stopping, riding in a straight line, scanning, signaling, turning, and shifting gears.

Group Classes will resume in the fall

City Riding Skills:

This class is to help get riders comfortable getting from point A to point B via the streets of NYC. We will review basic skills, discuss the rules of the road, map out a ride, and head out! This class is by request and can be taught as a private  session.

> Bikes and Helmets are supplied for all classes. To register and for more info, email