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Nitto B125 Steel Track Drop Bar
This is a classic steel Track-style drop bar. The B125 features a shallower drop(170mm) than its predecessor, the B123, ideal for sprinting. Weighs 640-690g, depending on size.
Nitto Randoneur Road Drop Bar
This is a high quality drop-style road handlebar, with with the classic Randoneur bend. It is made of lightweight aluminum, silver, size 42cm.
Nitto Mod 177 Noodle Bar
- Road/Touring/Cross bar with a unique slight backward sweep on the tops - Flat area behind the lever position prevents hands from sliding forward - 4 degree flared drops (width does not include the flares). No grooves - 335-345g: all Nitto bars are measured center to center - 140mm drop - 96mm reach
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